Saturday, February 20, 2016

Google will stop showing ads on the right side in Desktop Search Results

Google already known for offering their ads on search engines - where each search result display ads on the top, right and bottom. Recently, Google was seen to make changes the display form of advertising, and will remove the display of ads on the right side of their pages on the desktop.

These changes might have been expected number of users, as Google's own party began to show in the form of info cards on the right side of the relevant site, as well as reduce the display of ads on the right side.

Google also said they would replace it with ads at the top of the display, and will continue to make changes to provide good value to advertisers, without disrupting the experience of using their search engine.
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Blog Set Up

An advanced novice set up a blog sites, as well as wandering what positive aspects could possibly have been conforms on it. Generate a full halt in this article and read the advantages which were drawn casually. Writing a blog is really simple. Typically, blogging is very easy. If anyone knows how to write an e-mail, there's a possibility that anyone can maintain and preserve a blog site. It is definitely that easy. Blogging and...

Alcatel Computers Introduces Two-In-One Using Windows 10

Computers 2-in-1 which is present as a tablet, and may be connected to the board to be a computer Keys usury has become one of the popular trend among ejection computers and devices easier than the whole world. Alcatel succession does not miss, and have introduced their own product called Alcatel Plus 10.

Alcatel Plus 10

Alcatel Plus 10 Dijana using Windows 10, authorized by Intel Atom Z8350 chip, 2GB of RAM and 32GB Storan room. With a 10.1-inch screen, the user may use it as just a normal tablet berasaskan Windows, or connect it to the board and use it as a computer Keys usury.

Interestingly on board Buttons also is the inclusion of an additional battery, in addition to enabling users to include support for LTE by inserting SIM card on board Buttons respect.

There is no price announced for this period, and Alcatel dijangka offered in several countries began June months later.
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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Google Working on Smartphone Face Detection Can Someone?

Facial recognition technology actually been around since the last few years, and widespread use of cameras and smartphones. Now Google is reportedly working to develop and bring the technology as the core of future besutannya smartphone.

Google Office (Credit:

As reported by BGR, Thursday (28/01/2016), according to a report from The Wall Street Journal says that Google is working on an experimental project that facial recognition technology built directly on their smartphone device and should not rely on remotely via data communication center web.

In this project, Google is working with Movidious, who has previously helped the company in the execution of Project Tango 3D mapping initiative, to develop this new smartphone. In addition, the WSJ also said that Google is eyeing a lot of different applications for smartphones that can identify faces and objects in real time, including identifying the person to authorize transactions, assist the blind and translating signs.

Chief Executive Ovidius, Remi El-Ouazzane said that smartphones are using this technology is not something that will come out at an unknown time. Instead, he said that the technology will be here in "the time is not too long." That means, we can find those technologies in a smartphone Nexus or Nexus slide this year's slide in 2017.

Although not known for certain when this technology will come, but the technology is feasible anticipated presence. We look forward to further news.
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Latest Leaks Reveal iPhone 7 Coming stretcher Setup Dual Camera

As with the previous period, Apple is known to launch new products in September each year, and in September 2016 the company is rumored to be launching iPhone 7. Although September is still far away, but the appearance of the next iPhone 6s and 6s Plus it has long been outstanding.

(Credit: Appleinsider)

This time the rumors about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus comes from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that are often on the latest Apple products. Although it is still a rumor and speculation, but previous predictions rarely Kemmler. In a recent memo to investors, Kuo describes a dual camera setup for the iPhone 7 Plus, or at least a particular version of iPhone 7.

Given Apple's track record over the past few years, it is probable that the company will launch two devices at the same time, the possibility of 7 iPhone has a screen of 4.7 inches and iPhone 7 Plus has a screen measuring 5.5 inches.

In a recent rumor circulating, iSight camera settings are given priority for larger models, the iPhone 7 Plus. According to Kuo, the handset will be available in two CIS setup, most likely supported by Linx, which is a company that specializes in creating ultra-compact camera sensors for smartphones slim, the company was acquired by Apple in 2015 ago.

Suspected setup will include two 12-MP sensor, the one with optical image stabilization (OIS) and field a broader perspective, and the other includes a telephoto lens 2-3x. OIS is definitely not a new thing on the iPhone, but the optical zoom is a feature that is not yet complete on the iPhone.

Dual camera setup will be a new thing on the iPhone and allows for some pretty interesting new features such as adjust focus and bokeh effect as using a DSLR camera.

Ming-Chi Kuo also speculated that not all models of iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual-camera setup. This option is expected to be offered with premium, which should help reduce tension production for new technology.

Kuo also expects that approximately 25% to 35% of iPhone units shipped 7 Plus will have additional features. It does not look like Apple's strategy, may still be hard to believe if Apple will present two versions of the iPhone 7 Plus.
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Top Ten Tips to Become a Better Blogger

Make The Headline Grab The Reader's Attention
Become a better blogger - Very few readers will ever bother to read a post whose headline doesn't entice them in some way, either by promising them a benefit for themselves or arousing their curiosity. Make your headlines attention grabbers that stop your readers dead in their tracks and make them want to find out more.
Make The Layout Clear And Easy To Read
Readers are likely to skim through your post, therefore it is pleasing to your readers to see bullet points and numbers like this article. Make your paragraphs short, which is more appealing to the eyes. Write for effect, not for an English test.
Write Like You Are Talking To Your Friends
Not everyone has the talents of a writer, but nearly everyone is capable of writing clearly. Do not try to impress you reader how eloquent you can be. He might be overwhelmed by the exuberance of your verbosity. If you're not a gifted writer, it's no big deal. One of the great characteristics of blogging is that it's a personal medium of communication.
Know Clearly What You Want To Communicate
A writing coach wrote, "Tell people what you're going to say, say it, then tell them what you just said." To become a better blogger you need to ask yourself the simple question, "What's the story about?" If you can't answer easily, your reader might have problems too.
Keep It Short And Sweet
Don't be lead astray in the length of your posts. They don't have to be long. They can be succinct thoughts or highlights of news regarding your niche. The important thing is to make them interesting. For the purposes of a better blogger, short and simple usually works best.
Let Your Personality Stands Out
Don't be a copy cat. Let your voice shine through. Give your blog your very own unique personality. Be yourself and let the world know the real you. Just focus on writing good content. Don't be influenced by a constant sales pitch. If you have good content, people will click to learn more about you and if you are genuine, people will like it.
Love And Enjoy What You Do
On becoming a better blogger, your topics need to be sustainable and something you are interested in so it does not become a chore to post. It is advisable to make your blog related to your niche. People will come back if you blog on a topic they are interested in. If necessary, have separate blogs for separate topics so you can maintain a niche audience.
Organize Your Points
Organize the points you want to make as subheadings or bullet points. This type of outlining will enable you to organize your thoughts sequentially. It will not work perfectly in all cases, for example when you are telling a story. But it's much easier to write when your thoughts are organized in a series of short presentation points.
Encourage Your Readers To Comment
Make provision for comments. they create the viral effect by allowing your readers to interact with you. You will also want to research and comment on relevant industry related blogs. Make it a practice to encourage comments from readers and answer any queries.
Make Your Post Asks For Some Action.
This is probably the most overlooked part of writing an effective post. It must be absolutely clear what is the next move you want your reader to make.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Chrome Hangs - Why Google Chrome Hangs and How Do I Fix It

Why Chrome hangs in my PC? Are you looking for an answer to this question and want to fix this problem? Undoubtedly Google Chrome is one of the finest browsers ever made. It is fast, secure and elegant. However, due to some internal errors in the system there sometimes occur problems with this browser.

Here are listed some tested techniques that will help you to identify why Google Chrome hangs and what you can do to fix this problem.
Repair and Clean Registry Errors: The errors in Chrome are mostly linked to the flash problems. The active-x and file association errors are the major culprits. Repairing these registry errors through an efficient registry repairing program shall be the first step to fix the hanging problem with Chrome. I will surely repair my registry in this case.

Repair Flash: You may also need to repair your Flash player in order to stop Google Chrome from hanging. You can repair Flash in this way:
* Read this official guide to uninstall current flash player version (
* Reinstall some previous version of Flash player if the latest version is not working at your side.
Run Scans for Malwares: Sometimes due to intrusion of malwares in the system, Google Chrome hangs or crashes. To end freezing and hanging problems with your browser, running scan with an antimalware software is quite helpful.

If your browser is hanging or crashing all the time then updating the sound drivers may also help.
The above guidelines allow you to take measures to find an easy solution to the problem. By using a sophisticated Registry Cleaner software such as RegInOut along with Malwarebytes Antimalware you could have a simple solution.
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is Facebook Shutting Down? Don't Believe Every Rumor Your Hear About Facebook Ending

Is Facebook shutting down?" So reads many people posting to their accounts tonight, as a rumor that Facebook is shutting down by mid-March continues to spread. Well, you need to chalk this one up to being the latest falsified rumor on the internet, and yet another attempt by someone to have a few laughs at the expense of others.

Don't believe every rumor that you read, especially ones like this, which just sound too hard to believe. Usually it is something that will be proven false, much like the recent death rumors of Eminem, or the story of other celebrities dying in car crashes. When you come across a story that sounds like a rumor, always make sure you don't buy into it unless you can confirm the source they are listing.

Much like most moronic rumors, this one is being sourced on the web-sites that are trying to purport it as being true. No, Facebook is not shutting down on March 15 as some of the rumors have stated, and no, Facebook is not going to close its doors. The web site simply makes too much money to close its doors, and you can believe that if it was true, you would see breaking news on your television as well as on reputable news sites.

So go back to enjoying your regularly schedule Saturday night activities, and rest assured that when you wake up on the morning of March 16, 2011 that you will still have full access to all of your Facebook friends.

Articles : Associated Content
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PALO ALTO, CA –Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be shut down in March. Managing the site has become too stressful.
“Facebook has gotten out of control,” said Zuckerberg in a pre
ss conference outside his Palo Alto office, “and the stress of managing this company has ruined my life. I need to put an end to all the madness.”
Zuckerberg went on to explain that starting March 15th, users will no longer be able to access their Facebook accounts.
“After March 15th the whole website shuts down,” said Avrat Humarthi, Vice President of Technical Affairs at Facebook. “So if you ever want to see your pictures again, I recommend you take them off the internet. You won’t be able to get them back once Facebook goes out of business.”
Zuckerberg said that the decision to shut down Facebook was difficult, but that he does not think people will be upset.
“I personally don’t think it’s a big deal,” he said in a private phone interview. “And to be honest, I think it’s for the better. Without Facebook, people will have to go outside and make real friends. That’s always a good thing.”
Some Facebook users were furious upon hearing the shocking news.
“What am I going to do without Facebook?” said Denise Bradshaw, a high school student from Indiana. “My life revolves around it. I’m on Facebook at least 10 hours a day. Now what am I going to do with all that free time?”
However, parents across the country have been experiencing a long anticipated sense of relief.
“I’m glad the Facebook nightmare is over,” said Jon Guttari, a single parent from Detroit. “Now my teenager’s face won’t be glued to a computer screen all day. Maybe I can even have a conversation with her.”
Those in the financial circuit are criticizing Zuckerberg for walking away from a multibillion dollar franchise. Facebook is currently ranked as one of the wealthiest businesses in the world, with economists estimating its value at around 7.9 billion.
But Zuckerberg remains unruffled by these accusations. He says he will stand by his decision to give Facebook the axe.
“I don’t care about the money,” said Zuckerberg. “I just want my old life back.”
The Facebook Corporation suggests that users remove all of their personal information from the website before March 15th. After that date, all photos, notes, links, and videos will be permanently erased.

Articles : WeeklyWorldNews
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Link Maybank Visa Debit Card with Paypal

Link Maybank Visa Debit Card with Paypal

Finally! After numerous complaints from users, Maybank’s Visa Debit card can finally be linked to Paypal. You can use it to verify your Paypal account and hopefully withdraw successfully.
I can’t really say if its possible to withdraw funds from Paypal or not because I’ve not tried it but what I can tell you is that it IS possible to link your Maybank debit card with some easy steps.
Click on the pics to view a bigger screenshot.
Step One
Login to your Maybank2u account. Look under Utilities and Click on Maybankcard Secure Online Shopping Registration
Link Maybank Debit to Paypal 1
Step Two
Select which card you want to use. In this case, I only have one card, so that is chosen by default.
Fill in the MSOS Password (has to be between 6-8 characters) and confirm
Fill in the Personal Assurance Message. This message will appear when you are asked for your password while shopping online. I think this is to ensure that is Maybank asking for your password and not some phishing site. There must not be any characters other than a-z.
Fill in the Expired Date, CVV, Hint & Answer
Link Maybank Debit to Paypal 2
Step Three
Login to with your paypal email & password.
In the My Account tab, click Profile and Add/Edit Credit or Debit Card.
Key in the details of your Maybank Visa Debit Card. Make sure the address is exactly the same as your billing address.
Link Maybank Debit to Paypal 3
Step Five
You will then get a verification email to your paypal account saying that you have successfully linked your card. And now all you have to do is add the code.
Link Maybank Debit to Paypal 4
Step Six
Okay this is important : Wait for about ONE DAY before doing the following steps**
Login to your Maybank2u again and click on Accounts & Banking, then click on your Account number for your Account Details.
Then click on Debit Card History. You should then see an entry with the word “Paypal”. The code is the 4 numbers before the word Paypal.
Paypal Code : 8921
**If you check your account too early, you might not see the details of the transaction and would not be able to get the code
Link Maybank Debit to Paypal 5
Step Seven
Log in to and click on Profile, then Add/Edit Credit or Debit Card.
Click on Enter Paypal Code and enter the code you obtained in Step Six.

And now you have successfully linked your Maybank Visa Debit Card to your Paypal. You will get the refund of USD1.95 to your Paypal account.
:: NOTES ::
  • If you have problems linking your card, check to make sure the details of the card is all correct – especially the Address. If all else fails, call the Maybank customer service.
  • I have no idea why USD 1.00 is also deducted along with the USD 1.95 when we verify the card. I didn’t have this extra charge when verifying with Al-rajhi Visa Debit Card
  • I have not tried to withdraw from Paypal to my card but I’ll be happy to hear your comments if you did try. Remember that Paypal charges USD5 per withdrawal.
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Article Submission and SEO

Article Submission is crucial for any forms of SEO. Whether you're a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) or Multinational Corporations (MNC), article submission is a must. So how do you do it correctly, and effectively?
The greatest misconception about article marketing and SEO is that these techniques produce outcomes within just a short time. In reality, you should be patient as it sometimes takes several months for search engine spiders to crawl and index your website. There are 2 ways to make things move quicker: come up with quality articles that are comparable to your website content, and conduct proper keyword research in order to know about the most widely utilized keywords and phrases. You should insert these keywords into your write-ups and site content so that you'll have a better online presence and pull in more page views. Furthermore, you must make new content pieces on a regular basis to preserve your increased rating.
Another thing to bear in mind is that there are end users who aren't prepared to buy your products yet; they are still searching for more information as well as the best prices. Again, your content pieces should be insightful and enjoyable: provide them with the solutions they want and persuade them that your range of products and services will be of great use to them. This is a great way to line up sales as well as strengthen your standing in your chosen niche market.
If article promotion and SEO are done right, repeat visitors to your site are assured! The best thing about both of these tactics is that you'll find free or affordable resources to give you a helping hand. You may utilize article submission applications and / or keyword research solutions to quicken your work process and offer you more time to address other crucial concerns.
Do visit SEO company in Singapore to find out more.
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